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Intestacy Evaluators℠

Intestacy Evaluators℠

Click below to see who inherits the intestate estate of any person who dies without will while domiciled that state:

~ California Intestacy Evaluator℠
~ New York Intestacy Evaluator℠
~ Pennsylvania Intestacy Evaluator℠

Using an Intestacy Evaluator℠ requires an account.

~ This video shows one example of the California Intestacy Evaluator℠ evaluating an estate
~ Click and answer fact-specific and simple questions, rather than read the laws

~ Who wants me to register? > Kurt R. Nilson, the creator and developer
~ What is my email used for? > To create a unique account for each person
~ When will someone use my email to contact me? > Never
~ Where does my email address go? > In a table that ties it to a unique number (like other user account systems)
~ Why must I register? > Knowing how the programs are used allows for future improvements
~ How is my email used? > Your unique account number, not your email, shows how often the programs are used

New state Intestacy Evaluator℠ links will be posted above as they are completed.

* Want your state next? Send a request to Kurt R. Nilson, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Attorney