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Intestacy Evaluators℠

State Intestacy Law Links

Read selections from the intestacy laws of each of state listed below by selecting the link.

Each state also has an Intestacy Evaluator℠ that shows who takes the estate of any person who dies without a will. Respond to simple questions that use each answer to determine the most appropriate information needed to determine the division of any person’s intestate estate based upon the unique financial and family facts that are provided.


> California Intestacy Evaluator℠
California intestate laws


> Florida Intestacy Evaluator℠
Florida intestate laws


> Illinois Intestacy Evaluator℠ (Per stirpes divisions included)
Illinois intestate laws

New Jersey

> New Jersey Intestacy Evaluator℠
New Jersey intestate laws

New York

> New York Intestacy Evaluator℠
New York intestate laws


> Ohio Intestacy Evaluator℠ (Per stirpes divisions included)
Ohio intestate laws


> Pennsylvania Intestacy Evaluator℠ (Per stirpes divisions and PA inheritance tax calculations included)
Pennsylvania intestate laws


> Texas Intestacy Evaluator℠
Texas intestate laws


> Virginia Intestacy Evaluator℠
Virginia intestate laws