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Ohio Intestacy Evaluator℠

Find out who will receive any person’s intestate estate and how much of that estate each heir will receive.

The Ohio Intestacy Evaluator℠ uses the Descent and Distribution provisions of the Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 2105) to first determine the legal heirs or next of kin for any person’s intestate estate, then to determine the legal distribution of that estate among those heirs.

User provided data is evaluated by referencing the Ohio Revised Code to examine each potential level of relation for a qualified heir through the last eligible level of relation before escheat: descendants of the deceased’s stepchildren.

Each user response is evaluated in comparison with the applicable intestate laws and all prior responses to determine the most relevant information that must be solicited next to determine the legal heirs of the current estate, as well as the dollar value that each heir is entitled to receive.

Per Stirpes Determination

The program allows the option of dividing the shares of deceased heirs among their respective issue by the per stirpes method where there are four or less deceased heirs entitled to a portion of the estate. The program allows for a division among the issue of four deceased heirs, each with up to four deceased heirs of their own and an unlimited number of living heirs at each level of relationship. The division proceeds through the great-grandchildren level of relationship for each deceased heir. Divisions involving someone with up to seven deceased heirs can be completed by the Per Stirpes Calculator.


Ohio Intestacy Evaluator℠