Death and taxes information articles


Intestacy Evaluators
Adopted child’s right to an intestate estate
Child’s share of divorced parent’s intestate estate
Does the state take intestate property?
Will my son-in-law or daughter-in-law receive part of my intestate estate?
Which state’s intestacy laws apply at death?
How are written laws interpreted?


Are family members required to pay the deceased’s unsecured debts?
Does a mortgage need paid after death?
Who pays for the funeral?


Does a personal caretaker receive part of the estate?
How is land or a house divided among more than one heir?
How is personal property divided at death?
Will the house be sold if an heir wants or needs to live in it?
Why don’t the Intestacy Evaluators℠ ask about the family exemption / homestead property?


Do probate avoidance methods make wills unnecessary?
Does notarization ensure that I have a legally valid will?
Who can contest a will?
Why are wills notarized?


Federal Estate Tax Calculator
How is the federal estate tax calculated?
Is life insurance subject to the federal estate tax?
What is the applicable exclusion amount for the federal estate tax?
What is the basis of the federal estate tax?
How are credit shelter trusts funded?
How can trusts reduce the federal estate tax?
Why was the federal estate tax scheduled to return in 2011?


You can also use the Intestacy Evaluators℠ and Federal Estate Tax Calculator for the answers.